A physical classroom made virtual!

An online experience meant to mimic in-person classes


What is a virtual classroom? It is an online learning experience that is designed to mimic a real classroom. Traditionally, the choice was either a physical classroom or a recorded lecture where interactions between teacher and students are minimal. Even when a student attends a live lecture, there are many limitations on their learning experience.

We have built a new experience where the students get to interact fully with the instructors. Something not clear? The student can raise their hand and ask a question. Fell behind? The teacher can work one on one while the rest of the students work on their projects. A problem with their code? The teacher can see their screen and their code and identify the problem.


Interactions between students are important to their learning experience. That’s why we built our platform with the explicit intention where virtual and physical students attend the same classes. Students can collaborate in real time and see how their colleagues solved specific problems.

When you register for a class, you have the total freedom to attend physically, virtually, or a mix of both. The quality and the interactions are exactly the same. Missed a class? No worries, you will still get the material recorded and can ask questions to the teachers and fellow students.


The way a virtual classroom works is through a combination of a live stream with multiple cameras, screen-sharing software on both the teacher and the students’ end and a shared digital space that allows for real-time, interactive instructions. Built in a secure and a user-friendly format to make it accessible to anyone with a computer and a broadband internet.

When you sign up we provide additional technical details and a step by step instruction how to make the most of the virtual class experience

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