How does it work?

Students sign up for a semester-blocks in an after-school program. We give them a project, the tools to build it, and guidance along the way. The goal is make problem-solving fun, develop logical thinking “muscles”, and learn how to talk to computers on the way.

Our classes ratio is around 5:1 and our instructors either teach or code (and often both) on a full-time basis.

How much does it cost?

The cost to enroll is $128.85 monthly for a 4 month semester. We have a scholarship program and we cover the partial or full costs of the classes for several of our students.

We love to show what we do to interested parents and kids. If you want to try a free class, let us know and come over. Also, we periodically organize free events where we show our guests how to code something cool in an hour.

You can cancel anytime and for any reason. We will cancel all future payments and we will refund you the monthly payment in full if no classes were attended. At this point of time, we are unable to process partial monthly refunds.

Do I need anything to start?

Nope! Just your creativity and passion. We recommend that the kids bring their own laptops, if they have one, as the more they practice at home the more they will perfect the skills. If they don’t have one, it’s okay we got plenty.

For our more advanced classes, some advanced Math topics and Algebra knowledge are necessary.

When you sign-up, we will get in touch with what to expect and the detailed schedule.

Can I signup for any class being offered?


It depends - We place students based on age and previous experience in our program. We go in steps and advance based on age and skills. Some prerequisite courses are needed before our advanced courses.

We understand that some of our students have been exposed to some coding before, but we require mastery before skipping levels.

The requirement to enroll are specific to each class. Check our curriculum page and our classes description for more information

Do you offer online classes?

Even better - We offer a virtual classroom. In other words, students are able to attend and participate in real-time just like the student in the physical space. A live interactive class.

They can raise their hand and ask a question, they can work one on one with the teachers, and they get real instantaneous feedback on their projects.

The experience is truly revolutionary and the technology behind it is not widely available yet. You can learn more here and you can always try a free class as a virtual class.

A recording would always be available if they miss it.