Our Curriculum…

Is built in a step-wise approach that gradually introduces advanced courses as the student progress in our program.

First steps:

  • Foundational courses that introduces students to computers and basics of coding

  • Students learn in it things like geometrical coordinates, loops, and simple coding algorithms

  • Upon completion the student is able to build his own website as well as a simple video game


Second Steps:

  • Students can pick one out of several pathway to start with based on their passion and our individualized learning plan for them

  • Pathways include, web development, mobile app development, and computer science


Third Steps:

  • Our final group of courses meant for high school students who have a solid foundation in Python or mobile application development

  • Courses include emergent technology topics such as internet of things, artificial intelligence, and cyber security


Our Principles

We have built our own curriculum with three principles in mind:

  • Rigorousness - The skills that we teach our student are meant to be used throughout their entire life-time regardless of what they will do. We truly believe that coding is an essential skill, like math or reading and we teach it in that light

  • Critical Thinking - Coding is a lot like tinkering. It is about solving problems in a creative way. Creativity, logical thinking, and a structured approach to solve problems is a constant feature in our lessons

  • Fun - As Socrates put it 2500 years ago, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” - We can’t possibly teach our students everything there is about coding, it is constantly evolving. So we spark their curiosity to do so on their own by creating fun and cool projects