Code is the language of the future

Will your kids be fluent?


Elementary-school students learn long division or how weather works because these are relevant, foundational concepts. If first graders can already navigate through websites and apps, why aren’t we teaching them how the Internet works or how to program a computer?

We believe that students learn the best at a young age. An exposure to computer programming at elementary or middle school level can unlock a child’t potential for a lifetime of success.


Learning to code is a lot like learning a new language. The benefits unlocked goes beyond just the language. It trains the brain to think a certain way, it opens up a wide array of opportunities, and above all it makes children fluent in the language of the future.

In the near term, machine learning and artificial intelligence would be part of everyday life. To have a solid foundation of these technological spaces is a tremendous advantage to gift a child.


We have developed our own curriculum at Coderrific Academy with three principles in mind. To be fun, rigorous, and to equip children with the ability to critically think and apply their knowledge in real life.

We start with Scratch, a coding language developed by MIT meant to give elementary school children a solid foundation in computer programming. The next step or where older kids may choose to start is web development, a course meant to teach kids how to build their websites. From there, we move to Python a programming language to build programs, then mobile app development using Swift, and continue with advanced courses such machine learning, cyber security, and robotics.

Ready to start your coding journey?